Power Trading

The two-day training seminar Power Trading is a practical yet rigorous introduction to wholesale electricity markets and trading. We welcome participants who have recently joined trading departments or plan to do so, as well as regulators, policymakers and civil society concerned with wholesale electricity markets. We cover economic models of price setting, the design of European spot and financial power markets, power exchanges and over-the-counter trading, auction theory, trading strategies, data sources, and balancing settlement. A case study looks into machine learning models for intraday price forecasting.


1. Pricing Electricity
2. Wholesale Markets
3. Spot Markets
4. Financial Markets
5. Balancing Energy
6. Case Study: June 2019
7. International Trading
8. Data Sources for Trading
9. Forecasting ID Prices


EUR 1200 + VAT

Public sector / NGO discount: 40%
Early bird discount (3 months): 10%

Contact us for in-house trainings and group discounts.


In person: Two days

Online: Video lectures and Zoom sessions, three days five hours each. Lecture videos are available one week ahead – watch flexibly and at your own pace


11 – 13 Oct 2021 (online)