We offer tailored in-house trainings for teams, takingplace at the client’s premises. We offer a 40% discount for non-profits and public sector organisations. In past seminars we have welcomed participants from BDEW, BDI, BMEL, DLR, Ifo, Ecologic, Eliagrid International, EWE, Fraunhofer, GIZ, Innogy, Lichblick, Masdar, Nordex, Orsted, ÖEA, Oxera, RENAC, Sintef, TenneT, Vattenfall, Vestas, WindEurope, among many others.

Power Systems & Markets

The training seminar Power Systems & Markets is an introduction to economic models of the electricity sector, European market design, and the energy policy framework. We welcome energy analysts and decision makers in industry, policy making, and society who want to deepen their analytical understanding of energy markets.

Electricity System Modeling

The course Electricity System Modeling offers a compressed introduction into the numerical modeling of power markets and systems in Excel and GAMS. During the seminar, we develop two power market models from scratch. We welcome beginners in modeling as well as consumers of modeling studies who would like to understand better what is going on inside the black box.

Power Trading

The crash course Power Trading is a practical yet rigorouos introduction to wholesale electricity markets and trading. We welcome (future) traders as well as anyone involved in the design or regulation of power markets. In the seminar, we cover price formation and price drivers, day-ahead and intraday markets, international electricity trade, and balancing energy.