We regularly offer training seminars as well as tailored in-house trainings for teams. Open enrollment seminars take place in Berlin or online, usually in English. In-house trainings typically take place at the client’s premises. We offer a 40% discount for non-profits and public sector participants. In past seminars we welcomed participants from BDEW, BDI, BMEL, DLR, Ifo, Ecologic, Eliagrid International, Fraunhofer, GIZ, Innogy, Lichblick, Masdar, Nordex, Orsted, ÖEA, Oxera, RENAC, Sintef, TenneT, Vattenfall, Vestas, WindEuropa, among many others.

Power Systems & Markets

The two-day training seminar Power Systems & Markets targets energy analysts and decision makers in industry, policy making, and society that aim at deepening their analytical understanding of energy markets. It provides an applied and relevant, yet scientifically sound overview of economic models, real-world markets, and the policy framework. The heart of the seminar are the power markets of Europe in the context of crisis, transformation, and decarbonization. How does the spot market work? What is balancing energy? Will PPAs drive renewables?

Upcoming dates:
21 – 23 Jun 2021 (online)
26 – 28 Jul 2021 (online)
6 – 8 Sep 2021 (online)
1 – 3 Nov 2021 (online)

Electricity System Modeling

The three-day training seminar Electricity System Modeling offers a compressed introduction into the numerical modeling of power markets and systems in Excel and GAMS. During the seminar, participants are guided in constructing two models by themselves, which is not only helpful to gain insights but also to communicate model results to outsiders. It targets beginners in modeling as well as clients and readers of modeling studies who would like to understand what is going on inside the black box.

Upcoming dates:
9 – 11 Aug 2021 (online)
15 – 17 Nov 2021 (online)

Power Trading

The two-day training seminar Power Trading is a practical yet rigorouos introduction to wholesale electricity markets and trading. We welcome participants who have recently joined trading departments or plans so, as well as regulators, policy-makers and civil society concerned with wholesale electricity markets. We cover economic models of price setting, the design of European spot and financial power markets, power exchanges and over-the-counter trading, auction theory, trading strategies, data sources, and balancing settlement. A case study looks into machine learning models for intraday prices forecasting.

Upcoming dates:
7 – 9 Jun 2021 (online)
11 – 13 Oct 2021 (online)