The Neon team

Lion Hirth

Prof. Dr. Lion Hirth is founder and director of Neon. He is an energy economist and expert in renewable energy, electricity market design, and energy policy. Lion has advised clients across the private and public sectors and has worked extensively with Germany’s DoE. Teaching energy economics and policy at Hertie School, he also helps training the next generation of decision-makers. His academic articles are published in the top energy economics and engineering journals, have won several awards and are among the most cited in the field.

Ingmar Schlecht

Dr. Ingmar Schlecht is co-director of Neon. He is an energy economist focusing, on electricity market design, ancillary service procurement and power grid modelling. Ingmar has advised clients in the industry and public sector and worked intensively with Germany’s energy ministry on ancillary services procurement, redispatch markets and open-source energy modeling. As a PhD and postdoctoral researcher at University of Basel, he has developed the electricity market model Swissmod and coordinated two system adequacy studies for the Swiss government.

Jonathan Mühlenpfordt

Jonathan Mühlenpfordt is a consultant at Neon. He is an economist and an expert on data analysis, especially for power system data. Jonathan has advised clients across the private and public sectors, including Germany’s Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Commission. He is well versed in a number of programming languages, including Python and R. He has worked on the implementation of the Open Power System Data platform and on a review of the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform.