About us

Neon Neue Energieökonomik is a Berlin-based boutique consulting firm for energy economics. As a boutique, we specialize in sophisticated quantitative assessments and economic analyses of electricity markets since 2014. With consulting projects, studies, and training seminars, we support decision-makers tackling today’s pressing issues and future challenges of the energy transition. Our clients include governments, regulatory authorities, grid operators, energy suppliers and electricity traders across Germany and Europe.


As a team of seasoned electricity market experts, we collectively bring 50 years of experience to the table. Prof. Dr. Lion Hirth is founder of Neon and serves as its director. Dr. Ingmar Schlecht is Principal Consultant; his focus is on electricity market design and energy policy. Dr. Anselm Eicke works as Senior Consultant on imbalance settlement and network charges. Senior Consultant Jonathan Mühlenpfordt is our data analyst and coder. Consultants Dr. Clemens Lohr and Vlada Maksimova work primarily on flexibility and grid fees.


We are proud of our diverse portfolio of clients, comprising public sector institutions such as the German Economics Ministry and the European Commission, as well as a broad range of energy companies, including utilities, traders, project developers, and industrial electricity consumers. We also advise clients in the financial sector, international organizations such as the IEA and think tanks such as Agora Energiewende.


As a boutique, our work is centered on electricity market design. For the German government, we have worked on the revenue cap and other emergency interventions, market-based redispatch and locational price signals, the coal phase-out and system services procurement. In other projects, we have worked on forward markets, intraday market, retail tarifs, balancing reserves and imbalance pricing, bidding zone split, and the EU electricity market reform. Some of our projects are delivered within days, other stretch over years.


Our tailored in-house trainings support teams across the energy sector. The seminar Power Systems & Markets is an introduction to energy economics, policy, and markets. The training Electricity System Modeling offers on introduction to the numerical modeling of power markets and systems. Power Trading is a crash course into wholesale electricity markets and trading. 


Our work relies on rigorous methods and is informed by academic research. For quantitative analyses we use state-of the art data science and econometrics. Collectively, we have published well over 50 academic articles in leading peer-reviewed journals. We also maintain the power market model EMMA, and have a background in load flow model. For many years, Neon has run Strommarkttreffen, a network of 5000+ energy professionals from academia, industry, and policy.