About Neon

Neon Neue Energieökonomik is a Berlin-based boutique consulting firm for energy economics.  Since 2014 we specialize on cutting-edge analysis economic-theoretic and quantitative model-based analysis of the power market. Through advisory, studies and trainings we support decision makers navigate power systems, markets and policy. Combining expertise in economic theory with deep industry knowledge and advanced modeling capabilities puts us in a unique position to assess rapidly transforming energy markets. We believe that academic rigor, transparency and openness will deliver the best results for our clients and for society.


Prof. Dr. Lion Hirth is founder of Neon and serves as its director. He also teaches at Hertie School in Berlin. Previously he spent five years with Vattenfall and did a PhD on the economics of wind and solar energy. Dr. Ingmar Schlecht serves as Neon’s second director; his focus is on electricity market design and, since his PhD, electricity market modelling. Anselm Eicke works as consultant on questions of the electricity market design, and Jonathan Mühlenpfordt is Neon’s data analyst. We rely on outstanding partners for legal and engineering expertise.


As an energy economics boutique consulting company, we focus on seven topics: the market value of wind and solar energy, electricity market design, redispatch, (whole) system costs of renewables, balancing energy, power market modeling and open source / open data.


We are proud of our diverse portfolio of clients, comprising public sector institutions such as the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy or the European Commission as well as a broad range of energy companies, such as utilities, traders, project developers, and industrial electricity consumers. We also advise clients in the financial sector, international organizations such as the IEA or think tanks such as Agora Energiewende.

Project References

Neon lead a large project on feasibility of market-based procurement of “Redispatch” for the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. We also advise the German government in various other projects on electricity market design. We have evaluated the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform on behalf of the European Commission and lead the work on the Open Power System Data platform. In a number of projects we have advised private sector clients on the market value of renewables, e.g. Sweden’s Energiforsk.


We regularly offer training seminars as well as tailored in-house trainings for teams. The seminar Power Systems & Markets (2 days) targets energy analysts and decision makers in industry, policy making, and society that aim at deepening their analytical understating of energy markets. The training seminar Electricity System Modeling offers a compressed introduction to the numerical modeling of power markets and systems.


Strommarkttreffen is a network of 4000+ energy professionals from academia, industry, and policy making. We meet for monthly workshops and maintain an email list. We believe, in a world of rapidly changing markets and policies, it takes open yet trustworthy fora to exchange information and debate current challenges to identify the best solutions. Strommarkttreffen is run by Neon.


Neon’s analytical workhorse is the European Electricity Market Model EMMA. The model optimizes hourly dispatch and investment of power supply in Northwestern Europe, providing electricity prices in hourly granularity. EMMA is open source and has been used for various projects and publications.