The power market model EMMA

The model

The Electricity Market Model EMMA is a techno-economic model of the north-west European power market, covering France, Benelux, Germany, and Poland. It simultaneously models (hourly) dispatch and (yearly) investments in power plants. It calculates short-term or long-term optima (equilibria) and estimates the corresponding capacity mix as well as hourly prices, generation, and cross-border trade for each market area. Interconnector and storage investments are also modelled. EMMA has been used in consulting and research projects for policy assessment, optimal capacity expansion, and price forecasts. Technically, EMMA is a linear program with about two million non-zero variables and implemented in GAMS. Model documentation (pdf)  |  Slide (pdf)


EMMA has been used for consulting projects and various peer-reviewed publications. EMMA-based studies adress a range of research questions, such as the the market value of wind power (Energy Economics), the cost-optimal amount of renewable energy (The Energy Journal), the impact of carbon prices on power plant profits, the competitiveness of solar power, and system-friendly renewables.


EMMA is open-source: the source code as well as all input parameters are published under a Creative Commons BY-SA license. Neon offers model studies and model trainings. Download code and input data (GitHub)