Electricity System Modeling

The training seminar Electricity System Modeling offers a compressed introduction to the numerical modeling of power markets and systems in Excel and GAMS. During the seminar participants are guided in constructing two models by themselves, which is not only helpful to gain insights but also to communicate model results to outsiders. It targets beginners in modeling as well as clients and readers of modeling studies who would like to understand what is going on inside the black box. We are happy to also tailor the seminar contents to the needs of your team.


1. Energy System Modeling
2. Cost of Electricity
3. Value of Electricity
4. The Merit-Order-Model
5. The MOM w/ Renewables
6. The Screening Curve Model
7. The SCM w/ Renewables
8. Algebraic Modeling
9. The TOY Model
10. The EMILY Model
11. Modeling using only your brain


Pricing for up to 15 partcipants:

  • Private sector: EUR 10000 + VAT
  • Public sector / NGOs: EUR 7000 + VAT

Contact us for a tentative offer

Duration: Three days