Projekte und Referenzen

Wir sind stolz auf unsere Projekte. Unten findet sich ein erster Überblick über große und kleinere Projekte für Kunden aus dem öffentlichen und privaten Sektor.  Für detaillierte Projektreferenzen steht Lion Hirth zur Verfügung.

Ancillary Services (BMWi). Evaluation of market-based procurement of non-frequency ancillary services such as inertia and voltage support for Germany’s BMWi. Neon supports the project coordinated by EF.Ruhr. 2019-21.

Redispatch (BMWi). Assessment of alternative options to source redispatch resources, including redispatch markets and local markets for flexibility. The client is Germany’s Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, Berlin. Neon served as project coordinator for a consortium of Consentec, Connect Energy Economics, Fraunhofer ISI, Ecofys, and SUER and is responsible for two work packages. 2017-20. Intermediate report (DE) | Final Report (DE)

Open source power market modeling (BMWi). Study on open source energy system modeling and open data in the energy sector for BMWi. Neon lead a consortium of DIW Berlin, TU Berlin and ETH Zurich. 2018-20. OPSD | Report | Paper

Electricity supply contract (European industrial company). Evaluation of a long-term electricity supply contract for a large-scale energy-intensive industrial consumer in the context of a court case. 2018.

TSO data quality (European Commission). Assessment of data quality provided by European transmission system operators for DG Energy, Brussels. 2017. An article based on this study appeared in Applied Energy. Report | Article

Portfolio management costs (European utility). Regulatory assessment and quantitative cost benchmarks for portfolio management costs of renewable energy for the trading department of a major European utility. 2017.

Nodal pricing (BMWi). Consulting on locational price signals in wholesale markets. Along with Consentec, Neon was responsible to organize a series of workshop and write a project report. 2016-17. Report (DE)

Market value of wind power (European utility). Evaluation of design options and operation strategies to improve the economics of wind power under market conditions. 2016-17.

Wind value in the Nordic region (Energiforsk). Model-based assessment of the market value of wind energy in the hydro-dominated power system of the Nordic region. Neon designed the study, developed the model, and wrote the report, which appeared in Applied Energy. 2016. More

EU electricity market design (BMWi). Policy advise on wholesale market and balancing market design in the development of the Clean Energy for all Europeans package. Neon was member of a consortium with Connect, Consentec, and others. 2016-19.

Reasons for the price drop (Swedish Energy). Swedish wholesale power prices declined by two thirds from 2010 to 2015. Neon conducted a model-based assessment of the reasons for this price drop. 2016. Report

The benefits of hydropower flexibility (European utility). Model-based assessment of capture rates for a European utility. Neon provided a model-based assessment of the market value of wind energy and hydroelectricity. 2016.

Generation time series (European utility). Neon provided in-feed time series of wind and solar power from re-analysis models. 2016.

System-friendly wind and solar power (IEA). Model-based study for the International Energy Agency. Neon assessed the market and system benefits of low-wind speed wind turbines and east- and west-oriented PV. 2014-16. A summary is published in Energy Economics. Paper

Integration costs (Agora Energiewende). Qualitative study for Agora Energiewende. Neon advised Agora and helped implement workshops in Berlin and Paris. 2015. Report

Model development (European utility). Neon supported the trading department of a major European utility in power market model development. 2015.

Whole system costs (DECC). Neon reviewed a report on whole system costs of wind and solar power for the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change, London. 2015. Report

Open Power System Data (BMWi). Construction of an online platform for European power system data. Neon coordinated a team of three research institutes. 2015-17. Platform

Electricity market design (IEA-RETD). Assessment of long-term wholesale and retail power market design under very high shares of variable renewables in cooperation with FTI CL Energy. 2015-16. Report